Florence Hartmann promoted her book ‘Whistleblowers’ in Dubrovnik

The book ‘Whistleblowers’ by Florence Hartmann, French journalist and the former spokesperson of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, was presented last weekend in the reading room of the National Archives in the Sponza Palace.
‘The idea for the book was created in Dubrovnik during one holiday. I must say this book is not my autobiography’, stated the author while addressing the audience. She elaborated on what she wrote in her book and whom the book was dedicated to.
‘Some whistleblowers have been discovered against their will, some reveal themselves voluntarily to the public, but they are all confronted with conflict of loyalty towards the community and the family. In order to share the information with the public they must violate the laws, they are criticized regarding the breach of confidentiality. All this represents a risk. Still, if they do not share they become accomplices’, Hartmann said and added that she doesn´t consider herself to be a whistleblower.
In conclusion, she pointed out that neither Croatia and France have a specific law regarding whistleblowers, but the details can be found in some other laws.