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Folklore Dances are Quite Popular Again: Pupils Showed What Love for Heritage Really is!

Small folklore an heritage festival was held on Osojnik, on this beautiful, sunny Saturday. Little folklore dancers gather around at the end of every school year to celebrate the summer, but also to show what they have learned throughout the year.

Not just the school things, but also some traditonal, etno dances and songs, which they showed on this fifth Folklore and Heritage Festival.

Along with our pupils danced the guests from various countries, presenting their culture, heritage and tradition.

Performers were: HKUD Biloševica, Široki brijeg, BiH; K.U. ‘Ivo Lozica’ Lumbarda; KUD Metković; KUD ‘Ohrigjanka’, Ohrid, Makedonija; Association ‘Dubrovački primorski svatovi’; KUD ‘Moslavec’ Voloder, Kutina; HKUD ‘Sv. Ante’ Dretelj, BiH; Members of Dubrovnik Libraries, Mokošica; HKUD ‘Fra. Petar Bakula’ Posušje, BiH;  and host, KUD ‘SV. JURAJ OSOJNIK’.

Audience enjoyed in the dances, so did we – take a look at our photo gallery & video!