From Gorgon City to Cercle: Electronic Music ‘Creme de la Creme’ in Dubrovnik

Culture Club Revelin Launched the Programme for This Summer

Culture Club Revelin launched the programme for this summer with a list of some of the most popular and worldwide known performers of the largest and most famous record companies in the world.
Thus, the marathon of electronic sound during this summer will be marked by David Penn, Eelke Kleijn, MK, Gorgon City, Phil & Derek (Cercle), Shaq aka DJ.Diesel and many other eagerly awaited names. Let’s see the list!

DAVID PENN 06/10/2022
David Penn is one of Spain’s best-known DJs and producers of house music. In the 2000s, he collaborated often with DJ Chus to produce house and garage house tracks. Urbana recordings is his own imprint. As a DJ, Penn has more than 15 years of experience. Recently, he played as a DJ for big labels like Defected and Glitterbox all over Europe. Moreover, he played often at the Defected Croatia festival.

EELKE KLEIJN 06/24/2022
After performing at the Cercle, Klein’s excellent career got the attention of all world clubs, including the Culture Club Revelin. With top production and the specific deep sound of this virtuoso, nobody is left indifferent.

MK 07/05/2022
The LA-based Briton, who has one of the most expensive residences in Ibiza this summer, has joined forces with Calvin Harris, with whom he will mark most of his performances this season. The popularity of this maestro is not waning, but he is constantly lowering the top charts with his sets. Millions of views on music platforms are just a small indication of how popular he is among electronic music fans.

SHAQ aka DJ DISEL 07/15/2022
This legendary NBA basketball player, 216 centimeters tall and weighing 147 kilograms, a music lover, is guaranteed to heat up the atmosphere with a set of traps, hip-hop and dubstep. The biggest DJ in the world – indded!

GORGON CITY 08/05/2022
Little can be said about these two, which is not already known. On the world stage, they are included in the top 10 duos in the world and they are arriving in Dubrovnik – Culture Club Revelin, where they will join the mega popular names.

PHIL & DEREK (Cercle)
The owner and co-owner of one of the leading brands of the Cercle festival, from France, is coming to Dubrovnik again. This time, instead of the producers, they take on the role of ‘conductor’. The date will be announced soon, and until then on their You Tube channel – Cercle you can enjoy authentic performances, sets and projects that they realize around the world.