Game of Thrones Cast And Crew LOVE Dubrovnik

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones has filmed three seasons in Dubrovnik, using the stunning Old Town as the backdrop for King’s Landing. The use of Dubrovnik as a location has seen fans of the show travel to the city to experience a taste of what the drama has shown them. Fans can even take a Game of Thrones walking tour, visiting filming locations throughout the Old Town.

As the countdown continues to series four, a new short film has been released which reveals the cast and crew’s thoughts on Dubrovnik and Croatia. Finn Jones who plays Loras Tyrell explains why he loves Dubrovnik, ”It’s such a beautiful city. Visually it’s stunning and the people are lovely and the food is great.”

To find out why the rest of the cast and crew of Game of Thrones love Dubrovnik so much, watch the clip below.