German ‘Osborne’s’ are filming a documentary in Croatia!

Famous Family Die Geissens – Eine schrecklich glamouros Familie arrived in Korcula. Many German tourists and Marco Polo on himself welcomed them and took them on a tour of Marco Polo’s house as well as museum. The family that breaks all box office records in Germany was especially delighted with history and sights in and around Korcula but also with its gastro offer.
Family Geis – Robert, his wife Carmen and two daughters Davina Shakira and Shania Tyra are known for their wealth. They have everything that others can only dream of: a penthouse in Monaco, a villa in Saint-Tropez and a weekend hut in Kitzbühel. Each hotspot in Europe is like their second home.
Their life is glamorous, and their hobbies are very expensive: a million dollar yacht and a huge fleet of vehicles including Bentley, Rolls Royce. These are favorite toys of these ‘Jetsetters’.

Documentary ‘Die Geissens -Eine schrecklich glamourise Familie’ presents the exciting life of the family with help of the TV crews that accompany them on their exclusive journeys around the world. This time they are in Croatia. Their show will be broadcasted every Monday at 8:15 pm, at RTL 2.