Glamorous Wedding of Nicole Artukovich and Hockey Star Liam Stewart to Take Place in Dubrovnik

This Friday, Dubrovnik will host the glamorous wedding of Nicole Artukovich and well-known hockey player Liam Stewart, the son of legendary musician Rod Stewart and supermodel Rachel Hunter. The couple will gather their families and friends from all over the world.

The couple will exchange their vows on May 31st at the church on Jesuits in the Old Town, followed by a wedding reception at Lovrjenac.

The evening before, on Thursday, a welcome party will be organized in the Palm Garden of the Excelsior Hotel. The bride has chosen her wedding dress for the big day, and it will be from the ‘Le Concept by Alex’ salon, designed by Croatian designer Aleksandra Dojčinović.

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Liam and Nicole are enjoying the company of their friends, visiting famous Dubrovnik cafes, swimming, and eagerly anticipating their big day. They have been staying in Dubrovnik for a while now, preparing for the wedding. Nicole has a deep love for Croatia, especially Dubrovnik, as her family hails from Konavle. In fact, her grandparents emigrated from Konavle to America.

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Both Liam and Nicole are 29 years old and fell in love in high school. Their son, Louie Mark Roderick Stewart, recently celebrated his first birthday. The couple commemorated the occasion with a photoshoot at Sveti Jakov beach.

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Sir Rod Stewart, who celebrated his 79th birthday in January, has been married three times. His 29-year-old son Liam Stewart is from his second marriage to New Zealand model Rachel Hunter. This year, he will celebrate his 17th wedding anniversary with his third wife, 53-year-old model Penny Lancaster, with whom he has two sons, Alastair Wallace (18) and Aiden Patrick (13).

Photos: Instagram / Nicole Artukovich