Good Food Festival Day 3: Delicious and Entertaining Events you Should not Miss!

Meat, pate and terrines made by Marina Zibert Ercegoviz, Lucija Tomasic’s sweet factory and dinner with famous chef Dino Galvagno are the most important events of the 3rd day of the Good Food Festival. Except for these three events, tomorrow you will also be able to explore Dubrovnik and taste more delicacies. For example, whoever visits DESA will get the opportunity to prepare traditional cake – Mantala. At Pile you will be able to buy local Croatian products; in Hilton Imperial you can enjoy coffee and cakes…
If you aren’t up to any of these things, go to one of the 28 Dubrovnik restaurants and enjoy the food specially prepared for Good Food Festival. Or go to one of the five wine bars and explore Croatia through the glass.
Good Food