Goran Višnjić Forever Enchanted with Dubrovnik: ‘I Love This Magical City’

Goran Višnjić, famous Croatian actor with a rich Hollywood career, decided to pay a visit to Dubrovnik after enjoying some time off in his hometown of Šibenik. Višnić has been living and building his career in Hollywood for the last twenty years, but never misses a chance to come back home and unwind. He posted a video of himself driving around the City with the message: ‘I love this magical city’.

We came across Višnjić enjoying the company of a fellow actor and director, Robert Bošković, in Antuninska Street, in a place that was once known as the iconic Talir cafe, a favourite gathering place for actors who used to say: ‘If you weren’t in Talir, you weren’t in the City.’

The performance at the 1994 Dubrovnik Summer Festival in the role of Hamlet was a turning point in Višnjić’s career. He was brilliant in ‘Welcome to Sarajevo’ by Michael Winterbottom, and in 1998 the ‘queen of pop’ Madonna chose him as the main protagonist in her song video ‘The Power of Goodbye’. In the same year, he appeared on small screens in the role of Doc. Luka Kovač in the popular series ‘ER’ where he gained world fame. In 2000, he was awarded the title of one of the fifty most beautiful people in the world by People magazine. He worked twice with the highest paid Australian movie star – Nicole Kidman in ‘Practical magic’ and ‘The Peacemaker’. It was speculated that Višnjić was the new James Bond, but his hard Croatian accent lost him the role that ultimately went to Daniel Craig. At the end of 2019, we had a chance see him as Ante Gotovina in the bio film ‘General. Last year, he moved to the UK with his family.

Photo: Zvonimir Pandža