Grannies On Safari Wooed By Dubrovnik

Emmy award winning series ‘Grannies on Safari’ will feature Croatia in its upcoming 2013 season which will air on TV in the USA and UK. The show’s hosts, Regina Fraser and Pat Johnson visited Dubrovnik as part of their trip and were so taken with their time in the City that they have written a piece for the Huffington Post.

A trip on the cable car to the top of Srd hill was first on the list for the ladies who were blown away by the views on offer. They were then whisked off for a guided tour of the Old Town where they sampled coffee and were treated to a special performance by vocal group Klapa Subrenum, ” (They) sing a repertoire of Croatian songs that often include plaintive lyrics of love, lost and found, and poignant events that play out in their daily lives. These men have performed all over Europe and even in the U.S. Their strong voices, rich harmonies and clear enunciation were a joy to hear.”

The Grannies were invited to dinner by the group, at their recording studio, where they sampled local liquors and a meal prepared ‘under the bell’, ”We were welcomed with a toast of local fruit liquors (some pretty potent moonshine may we add!) and an intoxicating aroma of meats, fish and other delicacies being prepared inside the small cottage and on outdoor grills.”

The new series of Grannies on Safari will air this Spring on US TV and the Travel Channel in the UK.