Great News from Dubrovnik Airport: Heather Noelle Rhine is Our Millionth Passenger This Year!

Heather Noelle Rhine, who arrived this Thursday in Dubrovnik with the Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul, is the millionth passenger of Dubrovnik Airport!

This is the record set ten days earlier than the record year of 2015. So, Heather arrived ten days earlier than the last year’s millionth passenger, which shows the best the success of the tourist season.

Today, 130 thousand passengers arrived on Dubrovnik Airport, said mr. Roko Tolić, director of the airport, stating that ‘Airport will finish this year with more than 1.8 million passengers , and so this will become the most successful season so far’.

Our lovely millionth passenger Heather is the US citizen who lives in Korea, and she told us today that she was looking forward to visit Dubrovnik, the city that surely will remain a good memory to her!

‘This is the best welcome I’ve ever had! During the last month, my friends from Norway, Korea and America were in Dubrovnik,and they told me everything about the town, said Heather.
‘I’ll visit the Old Town of Dubrovnik, go to Montenegro as well, because this is a great destination for an one day trip. Then, I will go to tour the islands and visit the locations where was the filming of the series Game of Thrones set’, she said to us, adding that Croatia is 57th country she visited.

There were 1,67 million passengers in 2015 on Dubrovnik Airport.