Great success of the Design Tourism Expo & Store exhibition!

Sales exhibition of Croatian designers Design Tourism Expo & Store that was held this summer in Dubrovnik, has resulted with great success and aroused great interest of the public, tourists as well as locals. The exhibition presented contemporary Croatian design and in a short time became one of the most popular destinations and events in Dubrovnik. Cooperation with local designers has attracted visitors from all over the world and so helped the promotion of Croatian products, design and indigenous souvenirs. In this way the selling exhibition managed to enrich the cultural and tourist offer of Pearl of the Adriatic.
‘The exhibition was a serious promotion of Croatian tourism and design’, said Boris Ljubicic, one of the designers whose innovative 3D posters were displayed at the exhibition.
The authors of the exhibition were Ivana Borovnjak and Roberta Bratovic. The Exhibition Design & Tourism Expo Store were part of a years long project of the Croatian Designers Society.
This year the exhibition had as its sub-themes Croatian Holiday, Hungry Designers and current Design Under the Sun, which were focused on linking tourism and design practices in more detail.
The exhibition was attended by numerous Croatian brands such as Kvadra, Element, Sheriff & Cherry, Adrian, I-GLE and numerous renowned names of Croatian design, such as Numen, Group, Manufakturist, Filip Gordon Frank, Sanja Rotter, Marko Pavlovic, Maja Mesic, Ruder Novak Mikulic and Marija Ruzic, Oaza, Ksenija Jurinec and others. Domestic and foreign visitors expressed great interest in the original Croatian products Sonde, Hommage supi, furniture Artisan and Prostoria. Ivana Omazic’s brand Adrian was an absolute hit while T-shirts from the series with motives of Cities Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar seemed to be main souvenirs guests sought after.

The exhibition ended on Saturday, August 30th.