Grgic winery destroyed during Peljesac wildfire!

‘You can see what happened. We can just sit and cry. I have no more will or strength; the storage is destroyed’, says Drazenka who works at the winery Grgic. Namely, fire on Peljesac today burned this winery, lifework of the family Grgic. Now, she can just watch the damage and tremble. The fire started up on the hill, explained Drazenka. They fought until they were surrounded. By then, they were trying to extinguish the ‘threat’, but they did not succeed.
‘The fire licked the house from all sides. The house is saved, barrels are rescued, but bottles of wine, collected for the past four years, have been destroyed! Now everything is black, wet and slippery. Terrible!, added Drazenka with tears in her eyes.
For those who don’t know, winery Grgic was established in 1996 by legendary Napa Valley winemaker, Croatian-born Miljenko ‘Mike’ Grgic, his daughter, Violet Grgic and his nephew Ivo Jeramaz.

Dedicated to the art of winemaking, Mike started the winery to produce the finest wines from native Dalmatian grapes, and he concentrates on crafting Croatia’s very best varietals: Plavac Mali (red wine) and Posip (white wine). All wines made in at Grgic Vina in Trstenik have been judged to be top premium wines, and their 1996 PLAVAC MALI has twice been recognized as the BEST red Croatian wine on the market.