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Happy B-Day, Just Zagreb! An Amazing Year and a Big Party Tonight

Our amazing younger sister page, Just Zagreb, is celebrating today!

One year ago website was launched. To help tourists that are coming to Zagreb we created a very exciting platform and made a community in which we enjoyed for the last 365 days. We will continue with this idea, for sure!

Meanwhile…. Thank you for being with us, thank your for following us, thank you for being loyal, creative, supportive… Thank you for helping us at every step of our work. Cheers! :) We Love You!

‪#‎justzagrebbirthdaystartsnow‬! Today, big party will be thrown at Swanky Monkey Garden in Zagreb, so if you are there, pay a visit to our amazing page! Click attending here: Just Zagreb 1st B-Day Party w/ Agregat & DJ Abisal

Here, read how everything started!