Hitchhikers Race from Poland to Dubrovnik

Auto Stop Race is one of the best known student projects in Poland. Organised by the BUT Traveller’s Club at the University of Economics in Wroclaw, the main goal of the race is to hitch-hike as a cheap, ecological and exciting way of travelling and getting to know the world.  Last year’s edition saw participants race to Barcelona, Spain and this year Dubrovnik becomes the destination of choice.

Three basic principles form the rules of the competition: The fastest wins, travel only by hitch–hiking  and have fun.

The participants travel in teams of two for safety with complete freedom over their route. Around 1000 hitchhikers have arrived in Dubrovnik and set up home at the camp site in Kupari, just outside of the city.  The group are hoping to make a new Guinness World Record with their trip and are currently being followed by 8,000 people on facebook. Take a look at their site here