How to wheel your way around Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a bright jewel that shines on Croatia’s Dalmatian coastline. It’s colorful landscape is the reason why it is Croatia’s most popular vacation destination, especially its quaint Old Town. If you’re a wheelchair user and looking to book one of the Dubrovnik city breaks that are available throughout the year, here is a guide on some of the wheelchair friendly sites and attractions.

1. Cable car tour

This wheelchair accessible tour is the ideal way to see Dubrovnik’s offerings in comfort and ease, with staff who are very helpful and knowledgeable. The ground station is on one level and the upper station on the mountain is on two levels, but you can use the elevators. As the cable makes a return journey 405 metres above sea level you will enjoy panoramic views of the city and nearby Lokrum Island. There is also a restaurant at the top, so you can make a day out of it.

2. The Cultural Historical Museum

Located in the Rector’s Palace, this is a fully accessible museum. Work your way through a court room and dungeon on the ground floor then get an elevator up to the mezzanine level to peruse exquisite furniture, fascinating portraits and exciting weapons! Up on the first floor, you can have a nosey around the Rector’s rococo bedroom. There is also a permanent exhibition of 16th and 19th centuries works.

3. Dubrovnik City Walls

The 2km wall winds through fortresses and vantage points for spectacular views – it’s pretty much a must for any Dubrovnik visit. Many wheelchair users have confirmed that it is very doable to make your way around the walls on wheels. You can enter at the Ploce Gate and there is an accessible restroom on a route in Pile Brsalje Square.

4. Copacabana beach

Dubrovnik’s largest beach is also the only one with a wheelchair lift, making it one of the best beaches in all of Croatia. It is popular because of its ease of access and the number of cafes and restaurants that you can enjoy for refreshments. Take in the fresh sea air, read a good book and catch a tan – that’s what a vacation is all about after all.

5. Public transport

To generally get around Dubrovnik, make use of the new buses that have a ramp on the middle door. They have made a real effort to improve accessibility on public transport so you will have helpful staff on hand too.

It’s enough just to explore Dubrovnik and appreciate its beauty but with so many accessible sites available, why miss out? Start planning your trip and action packed itinerary today!

Author: Cory Lee/CurbFree