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“I love Dubrovnik and it shows”

When cult Dubrovnik cafe bar Talir closed its doors in October last year, many locals and visitors were left without a favourite place to meet, drink coffee and socialise. Many feared that the venue in the Old Town would become a restaurant or pizzeria but thankfully Viktoria Dobrynska, a Dubrovnik resident for the past four years has ensured that didn’t happen.

Viktoria arrived in Dubrovnik from Moscow and fell in love with the city immediately, “It was love at first sight. Dubrovnik is one of the most romantic cities in the world. When you come to Dubrovnik and see it from the plane, you can’t feel anything but love.” When Viktoria made the decision to settle here she opened Cafe Gorbachev on Pile Gate which she ran for 3 years. Frustrated with the location she decided to take on another project and took on the space that Talir used to occupy.

The newly opened Ambassador according to Viktoria offers top quality to its visitors, ” The service is top quality, the waiters are the best on the Adriatic. Everything is of the best quality, wine from the Matuško vineyard, the drinks, the offer. We maintain the quality because everything is done with heart. People recognise that kind of vibe and appreciate it.”

Ambassador is described by Viktoria as a wine, jazz, gentleman’s bar but visitors can expect to find coffee and cocktails on the menu too. While officially the bar is now named Ambassador, Viktoria maintains that for locals it will always be known as Talir and she’s happy to maintain that tradition, “I’m thrilled to have taken it over Talir because I want to take care of it a little longer.”