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Igor Hajdarhodžić Sets Sail With His Exhibition at Lazareti

Igor Hajdarhodžić, Dubrovnik actor, musician and artist is opening his art exhibition titled ‘Dubrovnik sails’ on Saturday, July 25, at 21:00 at Lazareti complex partnered with Art Workshop Lazareti.

After spending most of his life on the acting stage, this imaginative artist decided it was time to turn his attention to sailing and shipbuilding. As a lover of boats and the City, he spends time in his workshop making ships as art exhibits.

Hajdarhodžić uses ordinary objects such as furnace parts, chimney and water pipes, saws, chains, screws, metal nets, tool boxes and many more and transforms them giving those discarded items an entirely new function and meaning.

Several ships, mostly made of metal, can be seen at his exhibition starting Saturday, July 25th up until August 25th at Lazareti complex. The entrance to the exhibition to all visitors is free of charge.

Igor Hajdarhodžić