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IN THE HONOUR OF OUR PATRON! Love that Has Been Lasting for 1049 years!

For 1049 years, this City worships its heavenly patron St. Blaise with all its heart. In honor of our patron, a large number of pilgrims came to the City this year, despite special circumstances, to pay homage to the holy man who has been protecting Dubrovnik for over a millennium.

In today’s procession, his relic powers were carried through the streets of the City as well as the powers of other saints. As many as 96 flags, representing various villages in our County, came to pay homage to St.Blaise, although their escort is much smaller than previous years. Exquisite folk apparel gives this holiday a magical charm and shows the world that our rich tradition lives on year after year. It is especially lovely to see toddlers and young people proudly wearing the traditional robes of their region.

The celebration of this year’s Feast of St. Blaise began with a Eucharistic celebration in front of the Dubrovnik Cathedral. Holy Mass was led and preached by Msgr. Mate Uzinić, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dubrovnik and Archbishop Coadjutor of the Archdiocese of Rijeka. The Mass was held in special circumstances, without guests from other dioceses and without a large choir.

“Saint Blaise was a man who first of all personally met and loved the living God, who revealed himself to him in Jesus Christ. He has, in his heart, found a place for each of us and has warmed and protected our City with love for 1050 years. Let us again today, in spite of all the circumstances, with a new and greater zeal, honour our Lord and teacher, and our heavenly protector Saint Blaise,” said Msgr.Uzinić.

Photo: Zvonimir Pandža