Interesting competition: How to make the best Christmas traditional cake

The event called ‘Sweet week before Christmas’, which was held from 15th to 19th December, has brought together Dubrovnik residents who had the opportunity to participate in all workshops and learn how to make Christmas delicacies from the entire Dubrovnik area. Hard working women from Associations Desa and Dubrovnik orange helped out.
Dubrovnik House helped them during workshops of making arancini and brustulane mjendule, while Nicolina Farcic from Patisserie Pupica shared her secrets of making pandispanja with citizens. Members of the association Desa and Dubrovnik orange taught how to make kontonjata, mantala, prikla and famous marmelade of Dubrovnik sour oranges. Ms. Anita Porca led a workshop for making of Ston cake.
An indispensable part of the Sweet week was a competition for the best kotonjata, mantala, arancini and brustulane mjendule. In the category of kotonjata there were seven different products, in the category mantala 9, in category brustulane mjendule 6, and nine in the category of arancini.

Prizes for the best delicacies were given to:

Awards for kotonjata:
1. Dubrovnik House Ltd.
2. Paulina Klokoc
3. Cvjetkovic Marija

Awards for mantala:
1. Mare Miljanic
2. Dubrovnik House Ltd.
3. Nike Ivanis

Awards for brustulane mjendule:
1. Dubrovnik House Ltd.
2. DESA-Dubrovnik

Awards for arancini:
1. Katarina Gace
2. Katarina Gace
3. OPG Miletic