International Investment Forum

“The general impression is that Croatia is not open to investment and that it hasn’t repaired the general investment climate.” according to EU delegation chief Paul Vandoren speaking at the International Investment Forum in Dubrovnik.

Slow bureaucratic procedures, corruption in all sections of society, a lack of transparency in public procurement and poor security persist to be problems on the level of Croatia’s competitiveness according to Vandoren, adding that, “The climate needs to change and it is the task of the government to create a positive investment atmosphere.”

Vandoren highlighted that Croatia upon entering the EU will have a huge amount of money at its disposal via EU funding, but that money won’t just be sent to Zagreb, reinforcing that government at all levels needs to define its priorities and prepare projects.

“We don’t have time to waste.” concluded Vandoren, recommending government finally begin to proactively resolve the issues facing potential investors.

Dubrovnik-Neretva County Prefect, Nikola Dobroslavic told attendees that the aim of the forum was to present possible investment opportunities in the county and to discuss the difficulties faced by investors. The county’s aim according to Dobroslavic was to, “become a partner to investors.”