It’s a Record! 44 Thousand Kunas Collected on Second Hand Sale

Unusually diverse offer in combination with extremely low prices attracted many citizens of Dubrovnik and tourists into Lazareti last weekend, at the seventh humanitarian and already traditional ‘Second Hand Sale’ by Dubrovnik Foreign Circle.

It was the most successful action – 44 000 Kunas in total were collected!

The association ‘Dva skalina’, which supports children with special needs will get funds to buy swings produced in Denmark, which is adapted for wheelchairs.

Also, humanitarian Vesna Tadić and her Facebook group ‘Help for People of Dubrovnik’, shelter for abandoned animals, and Caritas also got some donations. European home got the books of their choice for their free library.

Foreign Circle Dubrovnik would like to thank the community for all the support they have given, either by donating, or their arrival and purchasing. Without them, this action would not have been successful, they told us.