It’s Playtime: Find gnomes on the streets of Dubrovnik

The 10 gnomes in Dubrovnik is the name of a video game whose action takes place in – guess where, Dubrovnik! The story is about few little gnomes hidden all around the streets of the city.

‘Secluded from the rest of the world, the fortress-like old town of Dubrovnik has narrow streets and tightly built houses. It’s a humane, friendly town where tourists like to gather and where life of its residents seems to flourish in peaceful appreciation for their beautiful neighborhoods. Yet here, perhaps among the leaves of a succulent tree, under the grains of potting soil, or in the black depths of a wall crevice, live the unseen inhabitants of the town: the 10 Gnomes in Dubrovnik. But can you find them all? That is the question in this lovely continuation of Mateusz Skutnik’s point-and-click find-the-gnome game series. ‘ was written in the review of the game, on web site

Even if you aren’t interested in gaming achievements, you can try it just in order to virtually walk around the city. Play 10 Gnomes in Dubrovnik, they say, as an art for art’s sake. Skutnik’s photography captures Dubrovnik’s quiet, dignified beauty that is both serene and surreal. It’s a wonderful adventure to explore the art and architecture and life of this enchanting location. So take a look around. Who knows which surprises you might come your way. Maybe you even meet a troll.