Jem Fimo: Croatian jewelry with soul

‘We are sisters and we have been making jewelry for three years.’ It is how the story of sisters, Jana and Eva Topic, unravels. Those two are designers of a creative brand Jem Fimo, which they wove their personalities.
When they don’t create, they study. Jana is a graduate student at Faculty of Economics in Zagreb while Eva studies graphic design. Their concept is making imaginative forms from the Fimo material. They seek their inspiration in, as they say, ‘anything and everything.’
‘Sometimes it is only a replica of various motifs seen nature, such as animal samples, and sometimes something completely fictional, creations that are born in our heads,’ explains one of the sisters.
‘We make jewelry from polymer clay that proved to be an interesting material for processing and formatting. We combine it with various materials such as feathers, glitter, foil and the like,’ they said and explained that every piece of their jewelry is handmade, every one of them is a unique piece with soul.
That is why these ladies customize their work according to your wishes. If you find their Facebook page Jem Fimo, your dreams and ideas will soon turn into reality!