Jeremy Irons delighted with Dubrovnik and oysters

It is hard to remember what I did not like. The fish, sea temperature, the wind and sun, untouched coastline, people I met, particularly oysters! Oysters are grown in Ireland as well but they do not match the ones here – these are the first Jeremy Irons’ impressions of Croatia.

The famed British Oscar-winning actor is spending two days in Dubrovnik, and besides enjoying in the local cuisine, the sea and sun, he has also found a few spare moments to meet the press and share his thoughts of his documentary ‘Trashed’ as well as of the beauty of Croatian coastline and sea.

He said he did not intend to buy a property here but he took contacts of people owning homes in Dubrovnik. One day maybe, he added.

A few years ago he filmed in Montenegro, where he found to many Russians for his taste, when he visited Dubrovnik for the first time.

This is a wonderful place, the actors are really lucky to be able to travel in such places that look fabulous on the screen. I hope we will come and film here. There are only a few places in the marine world that are unspoiled by waste and I hope this film will be a wakeup call. I have not seen any problems on your coast and I compliment you for that, said Irons.

In the end, Jeremy Irons apologised for being late due to prolonging his stay on the Elaphiti Islands and in Primorje by adding:

– You are to blame, your country is fantastic!