Just Dubrovnik Summer Edition #Volume5 is in Town!

What to Do While in Dubrovnik? Discover Everything you Need in Our Free Luxury Guide

Just Dubrovnik Summer Edition #volume5 is in Town. Our paper guide on what to do while in Dubrovnik is back again this summer to present everything you need to know, see, and enjoy in Dubrovnik! All the information you need for a great holiday in Dubrovnik, in one place is in this luxury guide…

We are proud of this year’s paper edition of Just Dubrovnik where you can find everything about gastronomy, everyday stories, interviews, local wines, local art and craft stores, nearby places and much more!
In Just Dubrovnik Summer Edition you can find city map, gastronomy corner, culture guide, places to chill… Basically, everything about our lovely town!

In Just Dubrovnik Summer Edition V/2022 we take you through the most popular tours of locations cared for by the Society of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiquities, we tried the perfect new offer of numerous restaurants in Dubrovnik and its surroundings, visited luxury accommodation units, tried the most delicious ice creams, cocktails and cakes… We spoke with Bianca Nobilo, a CNN reporter originally from Korčula, and many locals who take you through hidden gems inside the City Walls discovering this paradise on Earth.