Did you know? Dubrovnik Wetter Than London

The weather forecast for Dubrovnik for the next few days is rain, rain and more rain, but with extremely high temperatures for this time of year. What we would like to announce to all Dubrovnik lovers, especially those from London, is one of the latest Dubrovnik Storm Chasers’ Facebook status updates.

”Many of us, at the mere mention of England, associate it with rain, even in summer. Take, for example, London, which is almost synonymous with the rain, while Dubrovnik is synonymous with sunny weather, especially among tourists. In a conversation with some of them, we noticed that they find it hard to believe that here the weather can be quite different from what what they were used to on their holidays. However, London is really quite gloomy city with frequent appearance of rain, but the rain is in most cases very poor.

In London the average rain fall is slightly below 600 mm per year, while Dubrovnik’s average is slightly above 1200 mm. That means that on an annual basis Dubrovnik gets twice as much rain as London! Dubrovnik has stronger rain. In addition, London has 1500 hours of sunshine per year, while Dubrovnik has 2500 hours of sunshine annually. So, Dubrovnik is at the same time, sunnier and wetter than London, per year.”