Traditional recipes

Kontonjata – Quince cheese

Kontonjata is a traditional Dubrovnik recipe, made of quince, or in Dubrovnik dialect, markatunja. This recipe requires time and patience, but if you’re looking to impress or remind your taste buds of your trip to Dubrovnik, you can’t go wrong.


– 1.5kg Quince (cleaned)
– 1 kg sugar
– 2 small packets of vanilla sugar
– sprinkling of crushed cloves
– water
– 150g walnut
– bay leaves

Cut the quince into cubes, cover with water and cook. Once softened mash or place in food processor.

Add sugar and vanilla sugar to taste and cloves. On a stronger heat cook until mixture thickens. This part requires 2.5 to 3 hours and constant stirring or the mixture will stick to the pan.

When sufficiently thick add chopped walnuts (optional for added aroma). Cook for a further 10 minutes, not forgetting to stir, then the kontonjata is complete.

Pour the mixture into moulds previously moistened with cold water. Ideally leave to dry and form for 2-3 days. Ideal conditions are when the sun is shining and wind is blowing.

Once the mixes have dried remove from the moulds and place on a tray which is covered in bay leaves, cover with cling film and place in the fridge.

Kontonjata is traditionally served in leaf lined or grape shaped dishes.