Lastovo in the Stars: Is is Too Early to Announce This Fab Summer Festival?

For those who are in love with island of Lastovo and all of those who are yet to fall in love with this Mediterranean pearl, a weekend full of magic named Lastovo in the Stars is preparing in the enchanting ambiance of the Lastovo Nature Park.

In the extended weekend from June 20 to June 25, all generations of visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the crystal sea and the summer breeze, selected music of our guests, educative workshops organized by experts of Nature Park, Greenpeace Croatia and the Island Movement, open -air cinema and many other sweet secrets that we are yet to discover…

Become and stay part of this fairy tale story, save the date for LUZ Festival and come to fall in love with island of Lastovo forever! Soon, the complete programme and line-up will be online, follow the announcement on the official LUZ web page. Until then, follow them on the Facebook page and enjoy spectacular photos from last year’s Lastovo in the Stars edition.