Le petit festival du Theatre 2015

Le Petit Festival du Theatre is a small yet distinctive and recognised cultural event in which artists from around the world, as well as people with versatile artistic talents, present their featured works to an audience in beautiful Dubrovnik. Every year, this small festival unveils its curtain to carefully selected and talented artists – whether they are poets, actors, dancers or something entirely different, they resonate that common element of artistic magic! In recent years, Dubrovnik has hosted hundreds of artists from the United States, Germany, Russia, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan, Morocco and many other countries. Each and every artist has in their own special way left a little trace of their talents to Dubrovnik, to Croatia, and to the cultural exchange between countries. The City of Dubrovnik is a magical gift to this festival, as is this small festival a gift to this beautiful City.
Le Petit Festival 2015 is celebrating ‘Love for our Mother Earth’.