Le Petit Festival Program Announced

Le Petit Festival returns to Dubrovnik this Friday for its eighth year. This year’s festival will have a focus on photography with renowned American photographer Robert Farber hosting an exhibition of his works as well as a lecture and workshop. Titled ‘The Beauty of Women’, the festival runs from June 21st-28th and will bring together a host of artists and performers in Dubrovnik for what is sure to be a fantastic celebration of the female form. Tickets for events are 50 HRK, more information can be found here on the festival website.


June 21 / Friday

Time Venue Program
16:00 Lazareti Melissa Ferrer, USA
Yoga, beauty and wellness
19:00 Lazareti Photo Journey of iconic New York City photographer
Robert Farber, USA
Charity Auction
” A Big Heart For Little Heart”
June 22 / Saturday
Time Venue Program
21:30 Lazareti Xaviera Hollander, Netherlands
Award & Book signing of Xaviera’s new creation
“Guide to Sex”
22:30 Lazareti Hannah Ruth Chalmers, Great Britain“Stripped” – One act play

Fascinating story of the life of a stripper girl.

June 23 / Sunday
Time Venue Program
21:30 Lazareti Dance Theatre Sivuun Ensemble, FinlandPresents “Vain rakkaudesta” / “Only for love”

Dance Theatre Sivuun Ensemble presents a piece “Only for love”. The nonverbal story presents sisters experiencing gradual change in a relationship challenged by dementia. Performance includes live musicians.

June 24 / Monday
Time Venue Program
21:30 Lazareti Lecture of “Life After Anne Frank” by Ivna Bruk, presented by Gary Goldschneider.Berthe Meijer (b. April 21, 1938) survived the horrors of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She and her family were close friends with the Anne Frank family in Amsterdam. Berthe and Anne met again shortly before the latter’s death in the horror camp, where Anne told the little kids a fairy-tale to keep their courage up. Had Anne lived she might have pursued a similar career to Berthe as a Dutch journalist. Berthe’s book, entitled Life After Anne Frank is a testament to her strength and courage in not only surviving but learning how to live, helped by her work with eminent Dutch psychiatrist and renowned novelist Hans Keilson. In her book Berthe asks the question: is it possible to lead a normal life after such a traumatic childhood? She relates her experiences with exceptional clarity and objectivity, but must constantly deal with holes in her memory, created by her childhood traumas. We present here the first public reading of excerpts from the English translation of her book done by her husband Gary Goldschneider. Berthe passed away on July 10, 2012 from ovarian cancer.
22:30 Lazareti Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Müller, Argentina/Germany“Cabeceame”

The cabeceo is a tradition, a ritual of tango salons, an invitation to dance, to meet, to travel together, dreaming together.

June 25 / Tuesday
Time Venue Program
21:30 Lazareti Mi Aleksandra Gronlund, Finland“Ivory woman” – One act play

It is based on the story of Metamorphoses by Ovid…
It is a tragicomic role game of loneliness, needless diminution of oneself, and a new beginning…

22:30 Lazareti Quinteto Impossível

Concert: “Art Fusion”
June 26 / Wednesday
Time Venue Program
21:30 Lazareti Dance and music performance Notes from the UnderworldNamiko Gahier-Ogawa, French-Japanese director-choreographer, and renowned concert pianist-composer Gary Goldschneider present a contemporary live dance, theater and piano performance, Notes from the Underworld.
We always go back to the myths because they are universal, containing timeless truths about mankind.
Based on the seasonal myth of Persephone abducted by Pluto into the Underworld, Notes from the Underworld develops another view of the Greek tale, in which a contemporary heroine decides to explore her psyche, on her own will, going deeper down into labyrinthian caverns and sinuous waters, in an attempt to discover the sacred dimension of life.
The obscurities of Pluto’s Underworld kingdom reveal all fears but also give birth to light.
Thus, we refer to the Underworld as a fertile night within oneself.
The darkest moment of the night is just before dawn, before the plant thrusts up through the surface of the earth, before the harvest of revelation…
22:30 Lazareti Short conference “The Meaning of Key: Redefining Western Music” by Gary GoldschneiderGary Goldschneider (b. May 22, 1939) is the author the bestselling book The Secret Language of Birthdays, which presents his theory of Personology. Also a concert pianist, composer and music professor, Gary has evolved a new theory of music interpretation according to the use of the major and minor keys of Western classical music. By studying in depth the classical music literature, much in the same way he studied many thousands of human personalities to extract his Personology theory, he was able to derive characteristics of the 12 major and 12 minor keys as they were used by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and other master composers. Thus they become a guide to the classical performer as to how these works could be interpreted. In his lecture-demonstration he will not only outline the character of the keys but also relate them to the 12 zodiac signs.
June 27 / Thursday
Time Venue Program
21:30 Lazareti Theater Shadow Theater PerformanceDebby Mulholland, New Zealand & children of Dubrovnik
22:30 Lazareti Era Chorna & Vlad Zinchenko, CanadaConcert: Era Chorna “One World”

The show that they are going to present is combination of East and West, World and Classical, Russian Romance and American Jazz. Everything is possible, everything is real. Era and Vlad are also going to play there new touching Original music in Russian, English and more.

June 28 / Friday
Time Venue Program
19:00 Lazareti On the wonderful beach of Veliki Zali (16 km north of Dubrovnik )From 19.00 until very, very late…

The Robert Farber Award
“Open stage” Dinner for artists and special friends of Le Petit Festival