Legendary Hotel Belvedere is Renovating and We Bring You Conceptual Design

Legendary Hotel Belvedere from Dubrovnik, standing destroyed since the time of the war, will soon shine in a new light, owned by Russian multimillionaire Viktor Vekselberg.

The idea of the new hotel is brought by Studio 3LHD Architects and architect from Dubrovnik, Marko Dabrović, who presented a new solution to the city councilors and the mayor of Dubrovnik, Andro Vlahušić.

3LHD Belvedere (4)

Breathtaking view, isn’t it?

The hotel will set new standards in hospitality in Croatia, but also in all the Mediterranean region. Completely opposite of the former hotel, the new Belvedere has significantly fewer units that go so well with its unobtrusive architecture, making the whole building amazingly modern and fresh.

3LHD Belvedere (3)

From high above…

Thus Belvedere will become one of the most luxurious hotels in our region. We can’t wait to see it!