Little musicians raised money for Vukovar

On the occasion of the twenty-third anniversary of the fall of Vukovar, a charity concert for the music school Vukovar was held in the hall of mirrors at the City National Library.
‘It doesn’t matter how much money was gathered, the very attendance of the citizens is a sufficient evidence of how much the people care’, the director of Dubrovnik library Vesna Cucic stated later.
Students who won the regional competition of chamber ensembles in Makarska, played as well at the concert.

‘The school in Vukovar is very young, it certainly needs help in working regularly’, said Divo Brcic, the principal of the Art School Sorkocevic. He added that they are very satisfied with the placement of students and are hoping for good results at the state competition.

‘Students who have just returned from the regional competition have to have as many appearances, including a diverse audience in a variety of areas in order to rehearse better’.