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Live Like a Local: Have You Heard About Captain Srdan and His Fish Picnic?

Dubrovnik has truly much to offer to its guests. Except for the Old City, it can offer you tours on the ground, at the sea… Many different kinds of tours. But somehow my favorite tour, that I recommend mostly to guests staying in a family apartment, is a fish picnic on Elaphite islands.
Why? Because I love Kolocep (in Dubrovnik this island is called Kalamota), Lopud and Sipan, and because it is only 20 minutes of sailing. It is just enough to escape from the daily bustle of the streets and incandescent. Dubrovnik islands are beautiful, they have a special charm, and it seems like the time has stopped when you are there. Fishing nets, mules, indigenous stone houses, charming restaurants, and bars are everywhere. The air is filled with the smell of Mediterranean plants and pine trees, blue sea, sandy beaches are right in front of you. I have never seen something more beautiful than our islands.
And that is why, during the summer when I get some time, I like to get on the little fisherman’s boat and to hit ‘the road’ to the boat St. Martin. During these cruises, fun and relaxing atmosphere are guaranteed. Isn’t that enough?
Well, there is more… The trip starts at Batala and the best part is that trip organizers come to pick up my guests in front of the apartment, and they take them to the ship. Same happens on the way back. Well, they do it for everyone, not only for me and my guests. :)
The ships offer very good shade so no need to fear that you will return home reddened by the sun. Captain Srdjan, oh he’s the man! The real sea wolf who particularly impresses vacationers. He sails, he feeds the seagulls. Yes, he knows how to call them, talk to them and they eat out of his hand.

He gives all his guests a welcome drink, brandy required (!), wine, and other beverages, in unlimited quantities! For lunch, he will prepare you some meat or grilled fish or even a vegetarian meal. On each island, the boat stays long enough so everyone can take a swim, take a walk, drink coffee, enjoy peace or visit the Elaphite villas, churches, and chapels… Did I mention the price? All of this costs just 35 euros per person.
On your way back you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset at Elaphite archipelago topped with divine colors; so keep your mobile phone or camera battery charged because you will need it. Otherwise you might regret!

Elafiti is the group of islands located west of Dubrovnik. Although, nowadays there are no deers at the island, the archipelago still goes after them (Greek. Elaphos = deer). Elafiti island or Deer Islands were the first mentioned by Pliny the Elder in the 1th century in his work ‘Naturalis Historia’. The Elaphite archipelago consists of several islands: Lopud, Kolocep (Kalamota), Jakljan, Ruda, Golec and Crkvine and island of Sipan which is the largest among them.