Daily Mail reveals Croatian loactions used in Game of Thrones

British newspaper, the Daily Mail, has revealed all the stunning locations that provided the backdrop to the smash TV wonder Game of Thrones.

European countries like Ireland, Iceland, Malta, Croatia and African Kingdom of Morocco, borrowed their country-site for filming of the American fantasy drama based on the books by George R.R. Martin. All the locations are in fact much more peaceful and tranquil than shown in the hit series. That is why Game of Thrones tours of these locations ought to be included in a perfect holiday.
Most of filming takes place in a Belfast studio. However, most of the outdoor scenes are made in Dubrovnik whose walls were the substitute for the stone city of Mdina (Malta), who provided as backdrop for the Kings Landing in the first season of the show. Namely, after the Maltese officials were said to have complained that protected habitats had been damaged, from the season two onwards, these scenes were hence being shot in Croatia. To be more specific, in Dubrovnik, the city which included in the UNESCOs world heritage list. As same as the beautiful town of Essaouira in Morocco, where the sequences of the fictional cities of Yunkai and Astapor were filmed.
In contrast, Iceland represents the northern-most tip of Westeros, due program maker’s preference of a natural landscape to anything computer generated. For the icy scenes, program makers favored the Hverfjall volcano in the Lake Myvatin, region of Northern Iceland, also known as the ″behind the wall area″.

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