LOKRUM ISLAND: The Oasis of Peace

The lavish beauty of the island’s nature, the deep shade underneath the trees and the rocky beaches are the most important features of Lokrum, a hidden gem located only 10 minutes boat-ride away from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Under the protection of UNESCO, this forested island is a proud member of the ecological network ‘Natura’. Only 600 meters away from the historic core, it is an excellent place to escape the city crowds and everyday life. Today, Lokrum is a favourite place for lovers. Walking through olive fields and discovering hidden beaches makes this small island special and often visited by locals and visitors. Lokrum’s beaches are very attractive and they stretch across the entire coast of the island. Especially attractive one is the beach around the Dead Sea, located in a pine forest on the southwest of the island, with a very pleasant temperature to enjoy long after main touristic season.

lokrum 1

Though they are mostly rocky, the beaches are adapted for children and elderly swimmers. For example, this season a set of new stainless-steel scaffolders were set to 25 locations for easier entry and exit from the sea. Snow-white rocks located on the outer, southern part, of the island represent an special attraction and present a huge adrenaline shot to all swimmers who want to try out acrobatic jumps into the sea! The most popular places of the island, often seen on social networks, are the rocky parts!

lokrum 5

With its configuration and attractiveness, they simply call for photo sessions! One can find a lot of exercise equipment on the island, bowling terrain, mini-parks, soccer, and volleyball courts, but also a different kind of enjoyment – a library at Lugareva kuća (Woodsman’s Lodge) where you can choose between 1000 popular titles and relax under the olive tree while reading.

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It takes 15 minutes to get from the Old Town (Peskarija) to Portoč (on island). ‘Zrinski’ and ‘Skala’, charming little vessels, alternately travel every half an hour. The return ticket, for individual arrivals, which includes the entrance to the natural reserve is 200 kuna. When it comes to groups over 10 people, the price of the individual ticket is 150 kuna. Children up to 15 years pay 30 kuna.

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Multimedia Guide

Once you have arrived to the island, you can hire a multimedia guide for the price of 25 kuna at the Ranger’s Lodge. It will provide you with a combination of audio/visual guide features and AR elements. The users can select the topic they want to listen to by using the tablet. Since the users can choose the topics randomly, most of them have been written in such a manner so that they can be listened to and understood separately. Hire your multimedia guide, learn about the natural attractions the island abounds in thanks to which it enjoys the status of a special forest vegetation reserve under the strict protection by UNESCO, and enrich your experience of the paradise Lokrum Island!