Love and dance in Dubrovnik’s Sun Gardens!

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing a scene from the Dirty Dancing movie? Just one small scene from one of the most romantic movies ever! This Saturday, at Dubrovnik’s Sun Gardens you will be able to experience a dance love story of your own. A famous Croatian dancer Istvan Varga will teach you the steps of various dances, from the classic English waltz to playful jive. Everyone who comes to Sun Gardens from 4 pm to 6 pm will be allowed to have a shot at these steps. Later, after you have learned all those passionate moves, from 8 pm onwards you may take in the relaxing atmosphere of the resort – with dinner at a special price of 249 kuna per person, accompanied by live jazz music and dance performances of Istvan Varga.
For additional information contact Dubrovnik Sun Gardens on 020 361 500.
IStvan Varga