Dubrovnik is the second among 6 most alluring European cities

Sienna, Dubrovnik, San Sebastian, Lisbon, Perast and Nice are the most gorgeous cities in Europe, according to Alison Crabb journalist of a Luxury Travel Blog. In the article Top 6 cities to enjoy on Europe’s mainland, she explained why these cities are the best places to enjoy this spring.
Dubrovnik, with its milder climate, longer days and a beautiful blooming flowers was marked as second on the list.
“The Pearl of the Adriatic is a small but perfectly formed medieval city perched beside the azure ocean. The entire city is so unique and full of so many ancient buildings that it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out Pucic Palace, the Old Town and wander the cobbled streets to understand why. After you’re finished exploring dry land, take a yacht trip out into the bay for some snorkeling and relax on one of he little islands dotted around the bay”, said Alison Crabb.