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Magical Christmas Eve on Stradun: Tradition and Joy Filled Dubrovnik’s Most Vibrant Street

The traditional Christmas Eve stroll down our most prominent street is a custom for which many of our fellow citizens are especially preparing for and eagerly awaiting. This year there couldn’t have been as many people on Stradun as previous years, however, not even the pandemic stopped many of them to slip into their best attire and celebrate this special day outdoors with their friends and loved ones. To see so many of Dubrovnik’s youth remember the old customs leaning against the shop windows and watching people pass by was indeed a sight for sore eyes.

Although the traditional Kolenda carol was absent due to the special health measures currently installed, there was certainly no shortage of joy and togetherness. Exactly at noon, Mayor Mato Franković congratulated the citizens of Dubrovnik:

“No city in the world celebrates Christmas Eve like ours. This year is different, but its spirit has not disappeared, it is still in all of us. I wish you a happy and blessed Christmas from the bottom of my heart,” said the Mayor, adding that this Christmas is coming quietly to our doors, bringing an embrace of faith and comfort to a year of anxiety and uncertainty.

Photo: Zvonimir Pandža