Mantala, kontonjata & malvasija in Europeran Parliament

‘The Adriatic – True Blue’ is the new project of the EU Parliament, degustation of Croatian traditional products, and will be presented od March 3th and 4th in Bruxelles.

Project gathers about 15 indigenous products from Dubrovnik to Zadar, such as vine, olive oil, prosciutto, salt, fish products… along with degustation, visitors can get more information about all the products and tradition.

Dubrovnik will be presented by well known vintners Niko Karaman and Pero Zore, with their vines Dubrovnik’s Malvasija and Cabernet sauvignon, along with Frano Miloš and his Stagnum.

Marija Đano from family farm Đano will present famous Dubrovnik’s threats mantala and kontonjata, along with bitter orange marmelade and rose liqueur, rozulin.