Marina Slano, the New Nautical Pearl of the Famous ACI

Did you know that the best way to explore Croatia is to travel by sea? Did you know that if you travel by boat, you will relax much more than resting on the land? You did!? Excellent! Then we have an exciting information to share with all of you who love vessels and life at sea. The new, modern marina, will be opened in the little town near Dubrovnik, called Slano. 

The construction of the marina “Veljko Barbieri” in Slano is the first capital project of ACI Marina in the past 25 years. The total investment of the new, 22nd marina in the series was 60 million kuna – 20 million was invested in the infrastructure of the marina, and 40 million in surface area and surroundings. It can accommodate 200 vessels between 11 and 20 meters in length.
The most demanding part of the marina construction was the maritime section which was completed last year – constructors deepened the seabed, built the concrete defense and seawall and secured vessels with all – pontoons, docks, jetties, and breakwaters. So now, everything is prepared for the first sailors; the buildings are constructed, the rooms are being decorated and until the summer season, the environment and the access to marina will be ready for guests. The necessary roads through the marina will also be finished, as well as a car park. Which means that the new marina, which was named after the founder of ACI Veljko Barbieri, will be opened at the beginning of this years summer season. The marina is built and decorated in line with the new visual identity of ACI and all the new standards of service and amenities that ACI marina implements to this and other marinas.

ACI marina ‘Veljko Barbieri ‘Slano’:

Ø can accommodate vessels between 11 and 20 meters

Ø is equipped with 700 meters long breakwater

Ø has restaurant with a terrace and outdoor pool

Ø is 60 million worth of investment

Marina Slano as a promotor of the nautical tourism on Dubrovnik coast

ACI marina “Veljko Barbieri” in Slano will give significant impetus to further development of the Dubrovnik-Neretva Region. It will primarily improve marine tourism in Dubrovnik-Neretva region because this part of Croatia has relatively small naval capacities and a partner as ACI was needed. That is why ACI marina Slano marked its opening with many promotion activities to the marina and the entire destination. At the international boat shows ACI mainly promoted marina “Veljko Barbieri” to present it as a perfect destination for boaters during upcoming and future seasons.

Marina Slano will have a significant impact on economic growth

ACI marina “Veljko Barbieri” in Slano will positively affect the growth of the economy and GDP in Dubrovnik region and Croatia. In addition to creating job positions in the marina, ACI will open a number of new employment opportunities for all the activities that follow the nautical tourism. Marina will need different types of professionals for all kinds of vessel repairs, catering, sports events, charters and more, but it will also be a greater consumer of local products from the food to drinks, and it will support local producers and agriculture in general.

In line with its eco-friendly mission, ACI pays special attention to integrating the marina harmoniously into the beautiful natural environment of this part of the Adriatic coast. The landscaping of the marina’s surroundings includes indigenous plants which boaters will be able to enjoy whilst strolling down a newly-built walking path.