Mato Franković is the New Mayor of Dubrovnik

Mato Franković, candidate from HDZ (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica – Croatian Democratic Union) is the new mayor of Dubrovnik, defeating Valentin Dujmović, candidate from HNS (Hrvatska Narodna Stranka – liberal democratic Croatian’s People Party) with a total result of 56,12 to 39,13 percent.

Mato Franković is the former chairperson of the City Council of Dubrovnik, and a member of Croatian Parliament. He is an ex director of ACIM Marina Dubrovnik, state-owned company for marine management ACI, and through his life he has been working in tourism.

Mayor Frankovic 6

His opponent, Valentin Dujmović, director of the city-owned company ‘Vodovod’ for water and public plumbing management, is the closest party associate of Andro Vlahušić, former mayor of Dubrovnik, who has been disenabled from the race due to new legislation impediment, colloquially named ‘lex Vlahušić’, the law forbidding those guilty of a fraud to candidate for public office. After eight years, Dujmović replaced Vlahušić, but the effort and the campaign just wasn’t enough.

Mayor Frankovic 3Franković celebrating with the people of Dubrovnik, tourists and members of HDZ