MAY HE REST IN PEACE AND GLORY: We Say Goodbye to General Nojko Marinović

It is with heavy heart that we must say our final ‘Goodbye’ to General Nojko Marinović, the former commander of the Croatian army in the defence of Dubrovnik during the Homeland war, a true defender and patriot. General Marinović’s knowledge, expertise and courage made an immeasurable contribution to the creation and strengthening of defence in the Croatian south.

Alongside about 700 soldiers, police officers and members of the Croatian Defence Forces, he established the defence of Dubrovnik, where he served in command, despite being severely wounded, until he retired. In 1995, he was awarded the Order of Prince Domagoj with a necklace and the Order of Ban Jelačić.

Many citizens of Dubrovnik, especially the vast number of fellow veterans, say goodbye to the man whose chivalrous courage in defence will forever be remembered, sharing words of gratitude and emotion due to his departure.

“The years have taught me, bridges can collapse in an hour or two, but can be built over the years. Our children need to be taught to remember, and not to hate. Memory is a tool, but hatred is a huge burden”, said Marinović in 2016, at the ceremonial academy on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the successful defence of Dubrovnik.

Nojko Marinović

Photo: private collection of family Marinović