Mayor Vlahusic Wins Second Mandate

Andro Vlahusic will be mayor of Dubrovnik for another four years following the second round of local elections held on Sunday.

Winning 10,294 of the votes (59.8%), Vlahusic secured his second mandate beating rival Teo Andric who secured just 6,418 votes or 37.28%.

A total of 17,215 Dubrovnik citizens went to the polls, 45.27% of the electorate in the City. Vlahusic told press that he was pleased with the result, ”Its slightly better than I expected, for that I need to thank our coalition partners for their support.”

Vlahusic emphasised that the long running campaign to ease the commute from Dubrovnik to Zagreb would continue, ”Citizens of Dubrovnik will receive 200 HRK for a single air ticket to Zagreb from July 1st and 400 HRK for a return ticket. We will seek support from Brussels and Zagreb but Dubrovnik is a ship that can sail alone.”