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Meet Craig Derrick, Photographer Who Fell In Love With Dubrovnik

‘Hi I’m Craig Derrick and I would love to introduce you to the beauty of Southern Dalmatia, having fallen in love with the area during a holiday back in 2012 I moved here permanently in 2013.’ – this sentence, written all over Craig’s web page Adriatic Images, was the reason we contacted him for and interview, to hear the story behind it.

Craig Derrick came to Dubrovnik for good three years ago. He, as we sip the coffee, explains why and how he fell in love with our city, why he decided to move and simply – what does he do?

He lived in London before moving to Croatia, and when he first visited, he was stunned by our country and Dubrovnik as well. That’s why he came back next year, and again, and again, and then bought a flat near Dubrovnik, in Orašac.

‘As a photographer, I simply fell in love with Croatia. I’ve had a photo company for seven years in England, and I’ve been all around the world. Different places, different people, different feelings. But, when I came to Croatia, that was simply – a perfect feeling’, Craig explains ‘his dream coming true’.

This restless photographer with the passion for Canons now does photo tours for all the interested visitors, setting up his business in Dubrovnik which, he admits, isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when he still learns the language. But, things are going great, he says.

‘My passion are motorcycles and photography. I combine them into one business and pleasure thing’, he says. Craig does private photo tours anywhere you want around Dubrovnik, other cities, even daily excursions. In a very unusual, unique and creative way.

‘Before I came here, my passion was wildlife photography, and Dubrovnik is more landscape. And now photography tours – people now can book me to take them around, teach them a bit about the photography and tell them a story’, he explains. People coming on holiday in Dubrovnik can also book him to take pictures of them enjoying! Quite better way than selfie stick, we must admit.

‘What I didn’t want to do, with my photo tours, is to have big groups. And with the bike, the situation is one + one, so the person who wants the tour does the tour as he/she wants. To stop for an hour, to enjoy… It’s their time’, Craig says.

We must admit that we saw no negativity, only quite passion and a lot of effort behind Craig’s work. When he doesn’t work, he simply enjoys life.

‘Maybe it’s a cliché, but I am living my life here in Dubrovnik’, he told us honestly for the end of the very pleasant conversation. Craig’s dream can be seen on his official web page – click and enjoy!