Meet Le Salon: The Mastermind Behind the Fairytale on Copacabana that Wowed Vicky Pattison

As the English reality star Vicky Pattison was resting in Dubrovnik for a few days, she decided to surprise her boyfriend Ercan Ramadan for his birthday. Pattison managed to keep her surprise secret until the last minute – a luxurious private dinner, just for the two of them, at Copacabana beach. Giving that she loves to keep all her 5 million Instagram followers up to date on her life, it is no surprise she dedicated a few Instagram posts to this special event, and what an event it was. The fairytale table decoration delights at first sight and lifts the atmosphere to a whole other level. The famous Dubrovnik florist Ivana Mustapić from ‘Le Salon’ was responsible for the romantic arrangement of the table, which contributed to the unforgettable ambiance that wowed the famous couple.

The stunning display included a gorgeous pergola with ‘fairy’ lights, with rustic lanterns placed next to the table to cosy up the evening. An impressive chandelier was hung from a wooden beam, and the floral arrangements blessed with pink roses rounded up the romantic decoration. The beautiful sea view certainly contributed to their special experience. All of Pattison’s and Ramadan’s impressions were broadcasted by various world media, including Germanic News, Espanol News, World ABC News and others.


Photo/Video: DuList
                     instagram.com/Vicky Pattison