Meet the Sweetest Couple: Ernst Ingo Siegfried Bär and Mimi

When we published a story about the people and visitors of Dubrovnik on our Facebook page earlier, we sure didn’t expect the sweetest photo comments on the post! So, we reached the commentator Tanja Tsch, who sent us info about the two sweet furry visitors of Dubrovnik.

Let’s hear a story about them:

‘The bear’s name is Ernst Ingo Siegfried Bär and the cats name is Mimi. With this two we traveled to some different places. We started first with the bear and since 2012 the bear also with his girlfriend. The cat belongs to friends of us, who also travel with Mimi. During our trip together to Kenya we decided that both will travel again. They visited twice Dubrovnik with a trip to Mostar, Kenya, Baltic Sea, Scotland, Seychelles, San Remo…’ Tanja told us.

And we can’t wait to see them again!