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Members of the Saami Tribe in Dubrovnik: Our Pupils Learned Everything About Ancient Lapland

Wonderful meeting happened this Monday in Dubrovnik – visit from a faraway friends! Fifteen pupils with their three professors came all the way from Finland, from Inari, to meet Dubrovnik, our culture, customs…

Also, since some of them are the members of the Saami tribe, they presented to us their wonderful and preserved customs.

Saami Pupils id Dubrovnik (7)

The Saami people live in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia, and are the only indigenous people of Scandinavia recognized and protected under the international conventions of indigenous peoples! There are approximately 70 thousand Saami people living today, on a wide area. Especially interesting are their languages and dialects, a few dozen of them, all classified as a branch of the Uralic language family.

Saami Pupils id Dubrovnik (9)

They pursued an amazing variety of livelihoods, which they presented today in Dubrovnik. Best known are coastal fishing, fur trapping, sheep herding and ofcourse – reindeer herding. No wonder they had to answer a lot of questions from our scholars!

‘Our team’ told little Lapps everything about the Elementary School of Marin Getaldić, who was this famous scientist, but also what we do in our spare time, and what is Dubrovnik like.

Saami Pupils id Dubrovnik (6)

All in all, a new, wonderful friendships are born, and we are pretty sure they will last a long time, despite thousants of kilometers in between. Giitu, dear Saami people!