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Midsummer Night’s Dream at Dubrovnik’s Fort of St. Lawrence!

‘For the last 25 years there were no plays in English, and we are happy that we might somehow continue the tradition of Shakespeare in Dubrovnik in the future, ‘ said Darija Mikulandra, representative of Brilliant Events Dubrovnik, the organizers who brought the play ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to Dubrovnik’s Fort of St. Lawrence (Lovrjenac).
Namely, Dubrovnik hosted Midsummer Festival Scene this month, which puts him on the map of prestigious destinations that have joined the celebration of 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth. Festival Midsummer Scene begins with the first day of summer.

The crew of the play Midsummer Night’s Dream is delighted with the Festival and Fort of St. Lawrence as well.

‘The stage is beautiful, and I am so glad I have an opportunity to direct right here. I’m really happy to find myself in Dubrovnik. Yesterday we received lighting designs, with which the whole magic show starts and is then slowly overtaken by the incredible reality. I feel like I’m in the time of old Hollywood. The wonderful thing is that, as a director, I have the honor to collaborate with English and Croatian actors. What an amazing opportunity! It’s really inspiring to be in this glamorous city with this stylish production’, said Garry Wright, director of the play.

In their recent visit to Lovrjenac, the place where they will stage Shakespeare, the actors shared their impressions of the city, the stage, and the show.

‘Dubrovnik is truly magical. We heard lots of beautiful things about Croatia, but this what we’ve seen in the last 24 hours has left us breathless. Fort of St. Lawrence is the most beautiful place I’ve had a chance to play in. You can easily feel the special energy that will certainly convey to play!’, said Victoria Barker, an English actress who is delighted with Dubrovnik.

Project Midsummer Scene was prepared under the general auspices of the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Community, organized by Brilliant Events Dubrovnik and Honey-tongued Theatre Productions Ltd. London. Tickets priced at 240, 190 and 140 Croatian kuna can be purchased online at or at the Dubrovnik Tourist Community and Luzi, as well as at the majority of all Dubrovnik hotels and agencies. Shakespeare’s work Midsummer Night’s Dream will take place from the 21st June to the 28th June, in a unique ambience stage.