Mike Pompeo’s Radiant Glow Earns Ana Obradović Skračić a Medal

“Did Mike Pompeo seem a bit more handsome to you than usual?!”  Dubrovnik make-up artist Ana Obradović Skračić posted on the Facebook page of her beauty studio after the US delegation visited our city on Friday.

Having a make-up studio in the very centre of Dubrovnik, she was in charge of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s make-up, who was in Dubrovnik this Friday. As a special token of his appreciation, Pompeo gifted Ana with a symbolic medal from the US State Department. She shared photos of the special occasion with her followers on Facebook, which sparked an avalanche of fun and positive comments complementing her work describing Pompeo ‘at least 10 years younger’ and ‘more beautiful than ever’.


Photo: Facebook/