Millionth Passenger Through Dubrovnik Port

Ivica Simic, a retired port captain originally from Dubrovnik, is this year’s millionth passenger to arrive at the Port of Dubrovnik. Simic was greeted with a surprise welcome at the port together with his wife Anka to mark the occasion.

The couple had travelled down by ferry from Rijeka to his home town, ”For me buses don’t exist. For me the only thing that exists is the boat I take from Rijeka to get to Dubrovnik. I have taken that boat every year for the last 53 years.” Simic told press.

”The welcome absolutely surprised me, even though every time I come to Dubrovnik everything that I see surprises me. When there are so many of you here that is a special story in itself.”

Port director Antun Asic told press that the millionth cruise ship passenger for 2013 was expected to arrive soon, the first time in the port’s history that so many cruise passengers will have arrived in Dubrovnik in such a short space of time.